Piedmont Orthopedic Foundation

Current Officers of the Piedmont Orthopedic Foundation
President……….Gary M. Lourie, M.D.
Vice-President……….J. Mack Aldridge, III, M.D.
Secretary/Treasurer……….William C. Andrews, Jr., M.D.
Grant Review Committee Chairman……….Gary M. Lourie, M.D.
Grant Review Committee……….Dean G. Sotereanos, M.D.; J. Mack Aldridge, III, M.D.
The Piedmont Orthopedic Foundation was organized during the annual meeting of the Piedmont Orthopedic Society on May 8, 1953, at the Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia. At this meeting, four directors were appointed to serve until permanent officers were elected by the Society members. The directors were Walter A. Hoyt, Jr., M.D., Jack C. Hughston, M.D., F. Wayne Lee, M.D., and J. Leonard Goldner, M.D.
The first meeting of the Piedmont Orthopedic Foundation was held on May 9, 1953, and the officers elected were President, Leslie C. Meyer, M.D.; Vice President, J. Leonard Goldner, M.D.; and Secretary-Treasurer, F. Wayne Lee, M.D. The members were advised that a Certificate of Incorporation for the Piedmont Orthopedic Foundation was to be filled out in the office of the Secretary of State, of the State of North Carolina. The members then agreed to a motion that was unanimously carried that the Certificate of Incorporation would be recorded in the Clerk of Superior Court of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Dr. Wayne Lee was to be responsible for this.
After the Spring meeting of the Foundation, contributions were solicited and, by the end of the 1953, contributions of $3,950 had been made by the membership. Residents participating in the Duke Orthopedic Training Program were allowed to apply as Piedmont Orthopedic Fellows for partial support for basic research being done at Duke Medical Center. Residents who have participated as Piedmont Fellows and the projects studied are listed below.
Donald C. Ferlic 1963 Nonsuture anastomosis of peripheral nerves.
Benjamin L. Allen 1965 Avascular necrosis of capital femoral epiphysis in puppies.Bone stimulating properties of Staphylococci and the effect of enzymatic dissolution on nucleus pulposus.Enzymatic destruction of cartilage-role of fibrinolysin and activator substances in pyogenic joint infections, using Staphylococci and Streptococci.
Harry L. Bailey 1966 Avascular necrosis of femoral heads in puppies.
Robert S. Mathews 1966 Immunofluorescent studies in rheumatic diseases.Anatomic preparations of feet of stillborns, with observation of normal and abnormal talus and relationship to leg bones.Studies related to osteogenic sarcoma.
William S. Ogden 1968 Etiology of congenital deformities of the hip done by intra-uterine fixation of limbs of sheep fetuses.Sutureless repair of lacerated nerves. Other studies related to etiology of congenital deformities of the hip.
John L. Dobson 1969 Clinical research on calcinosis universalis. Hyperbaric treatment of osteomyelitis, chronic.
Glen A. Barden 1969 Arthrography of the wrist joint in traumatic and rheumatoid arthritis.Arthrography of flexor tendon sheaths.
James R. Urbaniak 1969 Partial support for flexor pollicis longus project.
Wayne B. Venters 1970 Thermography compared with strontium in detecting metastatic lesions of bone.Early review of total hip arthroplasty at Duke.Hand splint project.
William Moorefield 1972-74 Osteochondrosis of the elbow.Osteogenesis imperfecta, long term study.
Robert J. Ruderman 1973 Genetics of spinal malformation, already presented at Orthopaedic Research Society and study continues.
William Goodman 1974 Preparation of book on Thomas Loeb Orthopedic eponyms and history.
John Shaffer 1975 Model for fat embolism.Transfer of the extensor ulnaris in cerebral palsy.
Terry Whipple 1976-77 Intra-articular knee operations without opening the knee joint, development of instrumentation and technique, current.
Richard Gelberman 1976 Long-term follow-up of median nerve lacerations, classification of injury, results after injury, and effect on activities of daily living.
Joep Bloem 1978 Insensitive foot Larry Lipscomb study.
David Bristow 1978 Electronmicroscopy and histochemistry of muscle fibers in congenital clubfoot.
Frank Fondren 1978 Knee and patella computer format, and recurrent dislocation of the patella review.
Donald Bynum 1979 Pyogenic arthritis of the knee. The case for early arthrotomy.
Carey McKain 1980-81 Sympathetic blockade in the upper extremity using Guanethidine-Reserpine.
Ronald J. Neimkin 1980 Geriatric hip study.
W. Howard Tiller, Jr. 1981 Osteochondritis of the elbow.
Rick Pospisil 1981 Project concerning Legg-Calve-Perthes Syndrome.
James Aronson 1981 Study of electromagnetic stimulation of tendon healing.
William O. Reed 1982 Determination of pin placement by electrical impedance.
Halo application – videotape.
William E. Garrett, Jr. 1982 Ischemic effects on skeletal muscle.
David E. Attarian 1983 Biomechanical characteristics of human ankle ligaments free tendon graft with extensor digitorum longus.
Neville A. Lewis 1983 Study of silicone – dacron resurfacing of patella joint surfaces in dogs.
Dislocation proximal radius congenital and traumatic.
William J. Richardson 1984 A retrospective study of patients with failed back surgery. Anterior lumbar fusion treatment analysis and results.
Jay D. Mabrey 1984 Purchase of or purchasing “Author-Plus” for computer aided instruction in orthopaedics.
Michael J. Bolesta 1985 Timing of neurorraphy: effect on muscle in rabbits.
Gregg Cregan 1985 Silicone dacron prostheses – long term follow up of carpal metacarpal joint of thumb replacement.
Pantelis Nikolaou 1985 Effects of continuous passive motion on denervated muscle.
Allograft cruciate ligaments replacing normal cruciate ligaments.
Neville A. Lewis 1985 The repair of damaged joint surfaces in rabbits using a combination of periosteal autogenous grafts and continuous passive motion.
L. Andrew Koman 1986 Microvascular circulation of the normal and replanted rabbit ear.
James A. Nunley, II 1986 Study of continuous passive motion in myositis ossificans.
L. Scott Levin 1986 Sympathetic reinnervation of small blood vessels following microsurgical anastomosis.
M. Patricia Howson 1987 Electrode surgery versus scalpel surgery on periarticular tissues of the dog hip.
Ian Lowdon 1987 Neurolysis and nerve injury.
William G. Ward 1987 Bone staple fixation study about the knee joint.
John J. Callaghan 1988 Analysis of uncemented porous-total hip designs using photoelastic coating techniques and photostress separator gauges.
John S. Kirkpatrick 1988 Determination of cell origin in healed cryopreserved ACL allografts.
Kevin P. Speer 1989 The effects of arthrotomy and air exposure on articular cartilage regeneration.
William J. Mallon 1989 Knee injuries in varsity college football players-a long-term follow-up study.
George A.C. Murrell 1990 Free radicals and tendon repair.
William E. Garrett, Jr. 1990 Recovery of muscle strength in rehabilitation: is weakness due to the muscle or to the central nervous system.
Robert E. Lins 1990 Evaluation of uncemented total hip arthroplasty in patients with avascular necrosis of the femoral head.
Sean P. Scully 1990 Stimulation of cartilage healing in vitro.
Raymond R. Monto 1991 The response of bone to lengthening using the Ilizarov device.
Robert L. Friedman 1991 Long-term follow-up of hallux valgus operations: particular reference to the double osteotomy.
T. Parker Vail 1991 Experimental protocol for measurement of load transmission and motion of human fibula.
Claude T. Moorman 1991 Biomechanical testing of soft tissue suture anchor systems: a fixation study.
Robert E. Lins 1992 Mechanical analysis of plate fixation in proximal phalangeal fractures.
Reginald L. Hall 1992 The posterior tibial tendon, and plantar fascia: an epidemiological, histological, and biomechanical study.
Sean P. Scully 1992 Bone morphogenic protein used with bone grafting for treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head.
Frank V. Aluisio 1993 Analysis of muscular architecture of the rotator cuff and deltoid.
Kevin P. Speer 1993 The search for pain in rotator cuff tendinopathy.
Langdon A. Hartsock 1993 In vivo videomicroscopy of vascular changes due to elevated compartment pressure.
Thomas P. Vail 1993 An autogenous tissue scaffold for meniscus reconstruction: results of a pilot study.
Robert J. Spinner 1993 The effect of nutritional supplementation in patients undergoing stages spinal reconstructive surgery.
Brian M. Crites 1994 Measurement of the effect of cryotherapy on deep soft tissue temperature by MRI.
Lloyd A. Hey 1994 Real-time outcomes assessment of patients with spinal disorders in the outpatient setting.
David S. Ruch 1994 Perineural and intraneural changes following nerve wrapping: a comparison of autogenous and glutaraldehyde vein wraps.
Keith Kenter 1994 Histochemical and adrenergic receptor analysis of the tibial artery following sciatic nerve insult in the rat.
Dermot A. O’Farrell 1994 Axon quantification following centrocentral anastomosis in rat sciatic nerve – a model for prevention of traumatic neuroma.
C. Roberts Wheeless 1994 Enhanced Osteogenesis using IL-1 stimulated bone marrow.
Michael E. Berend 1994 The structural and morphologic effects of pulsed Holmium: Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Ho:YAG) Laser on soft tissue.
James C. Karegeannes 1995 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for muscle strain injury.
Jeff D. Almand 1995 Comparison of loaded vs. unloaded healing of tendons anchored to bone.
Michael E. Berend 1995 Biomechanical comparative analysis of two techniques for tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis.
John A. Fox, Philip G. Coogan 1995 Treatment of adolescent Blount’s disease using the Ilizarov device.
Patricia Kolodziej 1995 Assessing the Risk of avulsion of the Achilles Tendon after Excision of Haglund’s Deformity: A biomechanical study.
Gregory S. Motley 1996 A user friendly coronal classification of curve patterns in 2,000 Cases of idiopathic scoliosis.
E. Scott Frankel 1996 Role of chemokines in ischemia reperfusion injury.
James A. O’Leary 1996 Assessment of anterior knee laxity using the KT2000 Arthrometer in cadaveric knees with serial division of structures.
Shawn C. Bonsell 1996 Senescence changes in the AC joint and humeral head.
M. Chris Testerman 1997 The intraosseous vascular anatomy of the distal tibia.
Thomas F. Holovacs 1997 EMG investigation of scapulothoracic musculature.
A. D. Kanellopoulos 1997 Closed reduction of femoral shaft fractures in the skeletally immature using fracture table prior to intramedullary nailing. Dynamic study of the effect of traction on the perfusion of the capital femoral epiphysis using fast gd-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging.
Diane M. Allen 1997 The effects of nitric oxide synthase inhibition on rat cremaster muscle following ischemia and reperfusion.
Michael E. Berend 1997 The effect of a varus tibial cut on interface motion in cemented total knee arthroplasty.
Brian M. Crites 1998 The effect of a varus tibial cut on proximal tibial strain in cemented total knee arthroplasty.
William K. McKibbin 1998 Comparison of stability of proximal metatarsal osteotomies.
Jonathan R. Perryman 1998 Patella tendon biomechanical study.
Thomas J. Goetz 1998 Scapho-lunate fixation techniques: a biomechanical study.
Wrist four-corner fusion techniques: a biomechanical study.
Christopher K. Jones, Andrew E. Caputo 1998 Biomechanical analysis of standard and new techniques of radial neck fracture fixation.
Thomas F. Holovacs 1999 Repair of a meniscal defect using a resorbable collagen sponge in a canine model.
Hussein A. Elkousy 1999 Effects of meniscectomy and arthrotomy on synovial fluid biomarkers in a canine model of osteoarthritis.
Zoe H. Dailiana 1999 Increased osteogenesis by bone grafts and vascularized tissues comparative experimental study on canines.
Penny J. Lawin-Johnson 1999 Internal fixation devices for fractures of the fifth metatarsal base.
J. Jay Crawford 1999 Outcome after open reduction of the hip with or without pelvic or femoral osteotomy in developmental dysplasia of the hip.
Michelle A. Ghert 2000 Tenascin-C expression and distribution in chondrosarcoma cell-lines and primary cell cultures.
Keith R. Berend 2000 Hip replacement following free-vascularized fibular grafting for the treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head.
Zoe H. Dailiana 2000 Growth factors for the treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head.
James R. Bowers 2000 Effect of Alendronate on osteonecrosis of the femoral head after free vascularized fibular grafting.
John D. Hewitt 2000 The effect of varying strain rates on the mechanical properties of the human hip capsule.
Keith E. Penny 2001 Coracoacromial Ligament Transfer for Multidirectional
Glenohumeral Instability.
Keith E. Penney 2001 Structure and Function of the Transverse Meniscal Ligament.
Keith R. Berend 2001 Free-Vascularized Fibular Grafting to the Hip for Osteonecrosis: Database Update and Follow Up Study of Over 1500 Cases.
Mack Aldridge 2001 The History of the Duke Orthopaedic Program.
Christopher G. Richardson 2001 The Biomechanical and Biochemical Effects of Osteonecrosis on Femoral Head Articular Cartilage.
Joseph H. Guettler 2002 Fifth Metatarsal Stress Fractures in Elite Basketball Players: Influence of Medial Arch Support on Forces Acting on the Fifth Metatarsal.
Frank Horst 2002 Biomechanical Stability of Ability of Ankle Fracture Fixation with Immediate Weightbearing.
Nina R. Lightdale 2002 Effectiveness of Neuromuscular Training on the Incidence of Knee Injuries in Basketball Female Athletes: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.
Ryan W. Simovitch 2002 Biomechanical Analysis of the Bench Press with Technique Variations.
Jonathan E. Isaacs 2002 Reverse End to Side Neurotization Using an Intact Recipient Nerve.
Mark J. Albritton 2003 Serum 100 (S-100) beta protein: kinetics and release of a potential marker for postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) in elderly patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.
Robert R. Glasgow 2003 A retrospective review of retrograde intramedullary nailing of femoral shaft fractures.
Jon D. Hernandez 2003 Development of a closed intra-articular fracture model in the mouse.
Nicole Fetter 2003 The impact of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukins 1, 6, and 17 on the production of nitric oxide and prostaglandin F2 in normal and osteoarthritic human ankle cartilage.
Umur Aydogan 2003 The effects of Rofecoxib on bone fracture healing in canines.
Christopher A. Radkowski 2004 An anatomical basis for lateral retraction of the cephalic vein during the anterior shoulder approach.
Michael C. Maier 2004 Force repetition versus standard isotonic training for the elite football player.
David B. Musante 2004 Synthes TFN Versus DHS femoral head Push-through failure in normal and osteoporotic femur model.
Nina R. Lightdale 2004 The effects of upper extremity immobilization on automobile driving.
Michael S. Ferrell 2004 10 to 20 year radiological and clinical outcomes of Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation system for surgical correction of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.
James A. Nunley 2004 Laser Tracking System for three dimensional knee, ankle and other joint surgical intervention. Equipment to be used in the Orthopaedic Laboratory for multiple projects.
Jason M. Hurst, Robin Queen 2005 Analysis of hamstring strengthening using the Nordic hamstring curl in an athletic population.
Milford H. Marchant, Jr. 2005 Digital Orthopaedic Surgery Syllabus.
Joshua T. Carothers 2005 Pelvic motion as determined by single-leg stance pelvic radiographs.
Christopher A. Radkowski 2005 Leiomyosarcoma of the somatic soft tissue.
Ryan W. Simovitch 2005 Results from total shoulder arthroplasty using a third generation prosthesis in patients under age of sixty.
Samuel M. Davis 2006 Utility of MRI in identifying components of common extensor origin and lateral ulnar collateral ligament involved in lateral epicondylitis (to be funded for three years).
John S. Reach 2006 Clinical use of orthopaedic foot and ankle ultrasonography in the operating theater – outcomes based study.
Vani J. Sabesan, Robin Queen 2006 Functional assessment of high activity patients with hip resurfacing versus total hip arthroplasty.
Jocelyn R. Wittstein 2006 Tenotomy versus tenodesis of the long head of the biceps: a randomized prospective study (to be funded for three years).
Dean C. Taylor, Nancy Major 2006 Definition of rotator interval.
William C. Eward 2007 Nerve Conduit Enhancement with Vomeronasal Organs in a Rat Sciatic Nerve Model.
Samuel Davis 2007 Utility of MRI Scan and Identifying Components of the Common Extensor Origin and Lateral Ulnar Collateral Ligament Involved in Lateral Epicondylitis.
Jocelyn Wittstein 2007 Tenotomy Versus Tenodesis of the Long Head of the Biceps: A Randomized Study.
Wayne Kelley 2007 The Effects of Upper Extremity Immobilization on Automobile Driving.
Marc Merian-Genast 2007 Ligamentous Stabilization of the Talonavicular and Subtalar Joints Under Simulated Weightbearing, in vitro.
Husam Darwish 2008 Syndesmosis Fixation: A Biomechanical Comparative Study
Michael Berend 2008 Unit Compartmental Knee Arthroplasty
David Sohn 2008 Effect of Hypertonic Saline on Arthroscopic Extravasation in the Shoulder
James Browne 2008 Biomechanical Analysis of the Talar Spatial Frame
Jocelyn Wittstein 2008 Tenotomy Versus Tenodesis of the Long Head of the Biceps, A Randomized Prospective Study
Samuel Davis 2008 CT-based Fracture Severity and Assessment in a Mouse Model of Closed Articular Fracture
Grant Garrigues 2008 Cortical Ring Sign
Samuel Davis 2008 Utility of MRI in Identifying Components of Common Extensor Origin and Lateral Ulnar Collateral Ligament Involved in Lateral Epicondylitis
Keith Michael 2009 Identification of the best natural lumbar lordosis for use with posterior lumbar spinal instrumentation and fusion.
Keith Michael, Melissa Erickson 2009 Outcomes review of extreme lateral interbody fusion (XLIF) with percutaneous pedicle screw fixation vs posterolateral fusion for degenerartive spondylolisthesis.
Keith Michael 2009 Development of a clinical prediction rule for diagnosis of cervical spine myelopathy.
Trevor Gaskill 2009 Hip kinematics and load transmissionafter labral tear.
Keith Michael, Will Eward 2009 Training femoral neck screw insertion skills to surgical trainees: computer-assisted surgery versus conventional fluoroscopic technique.
Keith Michael 2009 Predictive variables for spine surgery.
Gregg Nicandri, Walter “Hal” Wray 2009 Surgical site marking durability.
Claude T. Moorman, Farshid Guilak 2009 (1) Analysis of inflammatory cytokines, growth factors, and tenocyte viability, in human rotator cuff tendon explants; (2) Comparison of tenocyte viability inmultiple repair techniques in porcine rotator cuff tendons.

2010 – 58th Annual Piedmont Orthopedic Society meeting. Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual meeting of Piedmont Orthopedic Society 2010.

2010 – Dean Taylor, John A. Feagin International Leadership Forum.

2010 – Nicholas Viens, Ankle Fractures in Older Patients: The Need for Augmented Fixation Techniques.Robin Queen 2011 Examining Plantar Loading in Various Clinical Populations.

2011 – Stephanie Mayer, Short Term Results Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Improving Post-operative Evaluation and Safety for Return to Sport.

2011 – Donald Fowler; Robin Queen, Loading Symmetry in Patients Following ACL Reconstruction.

2011 – Phillip Horne, Robin Queen, Robert J. Butler, Dynamic Balance in Patients with a Total Joint Replacement.

2011 – 59th Annual Piedmont Orthopedic Society meeting. Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual meeting of the Piedmont Orthopedic Society 2011.

2011 – Keith Berend, Michael Morris,Jason Hurst, Prospective study of pre and postoperative pain location and intensity following total knee arthroplasty; does the status of the anterior cruciate ligament affect outcome?

2012 – 60th Annual Piedmont Orthopedic Society meeting. Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual meeting of Piedmont Orthopedic Society 2012.

2012 – Tally Lassiter, Jocelyn Wittstein, The Cooperstown Baseball Study: Epidemiology of  Youth Baseball Throwing Injuries.

2012 – Stephen Appleton, Jr., Robin M. Queen, Association of Body Fat Composition Rates in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty.

2012 – William Mook, Grant Garrigues, Bacterial Cultures in Open Shoulder Surgery: Defining the False  Positive Rate of Propionibacterium Acnes Infection.

2012 – Elizabeth Hubbard, Robert Zura, The Effect of Computer-Assisted Surgery Training in the Placement of Sacroiliac Screws by Orthopaedic Surgery Residents.

2012 –  Thomas Herschmiller, Mike Bolognesi, Sam Wellman,  The Effectiveness of Flash Sterilization of the Femoral Component in Infected Two-stage Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty.

2012 –  Keith Berend, Jason Hurst, Michael Morris, Prospective Study of Pre and Postoperative Pain Location and Intensity Following Total Knee Arthroplasty; does the Status of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Affect Outcome?

2012 –  Stephanie Mayer, William Garrett, Short Term Results Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Improving Post-Operative Evaluation and Safety for Return to Sport.

2013 – 61st Annual Piedmont Orthopedic Society meeting.  Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual Piedmont Orthopedic Society meeting 2013.

2013 –  Tally Lassiter, Jocelyn Wittstein, The Cooperstown Baseball Study:Epidemiology of  Youth Baseball Throwing Injuries.

2013 – Clifton Willimon, Jonathan Riboh, Dynamic Contributions to Femoroacetabular Impingement in Adolescent Athletes: A Biomechanical and Clinical Study.

2013 –  Dean Taylor , John A. Feagin International Leadership Forum.

2013 – Eric Angermeier, Fraser Leversedge, Bret Peterson, Daniel Mangiapani, David Ruch, Marc Richard, A Novel Application of  Telemedicine to Supplement Traditional Hand Therapy Protocols Following Tendon Repair in the Upper Extremity: A Multi-Center, Randomized, Prospective, Pilot Study.

2013 – William Eward, Travis Dekker, Does Cell Cycle Phase Progression Analysis Have Prognostic Significance for Patients with Mesenchymal Tumors?

2014 –  Phillip Horne, Grant Garrigues, The Role of the Anterior Shoulder Capsule in the Pathogenesis of Osteoarthritis.

2014 – Tally Lassiter, Jocelyn Wittstein, The Cooperstown Baseball Study: Epidemiology of  Youth Baseball Throwing Injuries.

2014 – 62nd Annual Piedmont Orthopedic Society meeting.  Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual meeting of Piedmont Orthopedic Society 2014.

2014 – Christopher Gross, James Nunley, Outcomes of a trabecular metal Evan’s wedge for lateral column  lengthening in posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

2015 – Klement/Eward, Risk factors for failure of surgical and radiation treatment of metastatic bone disease.

2015 – Julie Neumann, Alison Toth, Porcine acellular dermal matrix xenograft for the repair of massive rotator cuff tears through the mini-open approach.

2015 – Joseph Kavolus; William Eward, Radiosynovectomy techniques for treatment of joint infection.

2015 – Thorsten Seyler, Mitch Klement, Mike Bolognesi , Differences in Gait, Physical Performance and Patient Reported Outcomes between Total versus Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

2015 – Dean Taylor, Feagin Leadership Program 2015.

2015 – Vasili Karas; Chad Mather, In-vivo evaluation of femoroacetabular cartilage in patients with symptomatic FAI.

2015 – Daniel Blizzard; Melissa Erickson; Michael Gallizzi, Biomechanical assessment of posterior instrumentation constructs for thoracolumbar 3-column injuries.

2015 – Kathleen Reay, Robert Lark, Ben Alman, Low Intensity Pulse Ultrasound versus Growth Hormone for Growth Stimulation.

2015 – James Urbaniak, Gary Lourie, Jean Oakes, Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual meeting of Piedmont Orthopedic Society. 

2016 – Travis Dekker; Suhail Mithani; David Ruch; Local Flaps for Posterior Elbow Soft Tissue Coverage: An Anatomical Cadaveric Study of Vascular Supply and Distal Flap Perfusion.

2016 – Grant Sutter; Louis DeFrate; Chad Cook; Sam Wellman; Mike Bolognesi; Thorsten Seyler; Measurement and Quantitative Correlation of Spinopelvic Parameters and Acetabular Cup Orientation Between Standing and Sitting to Define a Better Functional Anteversion Safe Zone in Total Hip Arthroplasty.

2016 – Kwadwo Owusu-Akyaw; Louis DeFrate; William Garrett; Amy McNulty; The Relationship between Serum Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein Concentration and Localized Measurements of Tibiofemoral Articular Cartilage Strain.

2016 – Dean Taylor; Feagin Leadership Program.

2016 – Matthew Crawford, Robert Butler, William Garrett, Abigal Schmitt; Analysis of the ACL-RSI scale with traditional patient-reported measures of knee function and functional movement testing in patients following ACL reconstruction.

2016 – Brian Nickel; Sam Wellman, Mike Bolognesi, Thorsten Seyler; Preoperative pain sensitization association with rapid recovery programs and long term outcome.

2016 – Barrett Little (sports fellow), Robert Butler (PT), Patrick Chasse (PT); Quantifying the physical demand of baseball pitching: are all pitches created equal?.

2016 – James Bailey (sports fellow), Robert Butler (PT), Abigail Schmitt (research analyst); Objective analysis of landing mechanics following ACL reconstruction utilizing wearable sensor technology, biomechanical analysis, and functional testing.

2016 – Andrew Federer,(PGY2), Robert Butler (PT), Abigail Schmitt (research analyst); Cycling metrics as means to evaluate ACL repairs.

2016 – David Tainter (PGY2), Sam Adams; The Effect of Intra-Articular Ankle Fracture Hematoma on Cartilage.

2016 – Frank Aluisio, Greg Motley, James Urbaniak; Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual meeting of Piedmont Orthopedic Society. 

(research analyst); Cycling metrics as means to evaluate ACL repairs.

2016 – David Tainter (PGY2), Sam Adams; The Effect of Intra-Articular Ankle Fracture Hematoma on Cartilage.

2016 – Frank Aluisio, Greg Motley, James Urbaniak; Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual meeting of Piedmont Orthopedic Society.

2017 Michael Morwood; Rachel Reilly, Novel use of an enhanced fluoroscopic imaging device to reduce radiation exposure and operative time during intramedullary nailing of hip fractures.

2017 – Andrew Matson; Suhail Mithani; Steven Koehler; Silvia Kurtovic; Fraser Leversedge, Are Perforators the “Lighthouses” of Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerves?.

2017 – Grant Sutter; Louis DeFrate; Chad Cook PT; Sam Wellman; Mike Bolognesi; Thorsten Seyler, Continuation of study partially funded last year; Measurement and Quantitative Correlation of Spinopelvic Parameters and Acetabular Cup Orientation Between Standing and Sitting to Define a Better Functional Anteversion Safe Zone in Total Hip Arthroplasty.

2017 – Dean Taylor, Feagin Leadership Program.

2017 – Anthony Catanzano; Will Eward, Abductor muscle repair in proximal femur replacements: what is the best method?.

2017 – Andrew Federer; Marc Richard, Biomechanical analysis of scaphoid healing and fixation constructs.

2017 – Andrew Matson; Grant Garrigues; Diane Little, Clinical correlations of humeral head articular cartilage wear patterns in glenohumeral osteoarthritis.

2017 – Alexander Lampley; Marc Richard, Synovial fluid analysis after acute intraarticular elbow fracture.

2017 – Matthew Crawford; Louis DeFrate; William Garrett, Dynamic Radiographic Analysis of the Lever Sign Test for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture.

2017 – Richard Moore, Dean Sotereanos, James Urbaniak; Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual meeting of Piedmont Orthopedic Society.

2018 – Joseph Kavolus; William Byrd; Michael Bolognesi, Femoral stem and force necessary to create shaft fracture after anterior approach to the hip.

2018 – Dean Taylor; Joe Doty, “Piedmont Feagin Scholar” Feagin Leadership Program.

2018 – Elizabeth Wahl; Richard Chad Mather; Virginia Kraus; Andrew Francis; Carolyn Hutyra; Janet Huebner, Synovial Fluid Biomarkers Across the Spectrum of Osteoarthritis in the Hip.

2018 – Evan Guerrero; David Ruch; Richard Glisson; Alexander Lauder; Andrew Federer, The Effect of Metacarpal Position and Lunate Facet Screw Fixation on Displacement of Intra-articular Distal Radius Fracures Treated with Dorsal Spanning Plate Fixation: A Biomechanical Analysis.

2018 – Johannes Plate; Thorsten Seyler, Patient Pain and Opiod Use Profile After Total Hip and Total Knee Arthroplasty.

2018 – Kendall Bradley; Jonathan Riboh, Evaluation of transphyseal femoral tunnels in the pediatric knee using a 3D printed model.

2018 – Rita Baumgartner; Brian Brigman, Chief Leadership Development Program.

2018 – Orthopaedic Residents; Rhett Hallows, Research Excellence Award for excellent article printed in the Duke Orthopaedic Journal.

2018 – Elizabeth Wahl, Tyler Pidgeon, Marc Richard, Comparison of pitch counts in South Durham Little League Baseball using a wearable sensor versus the counts using the Official Pitch Count Guidelines of Little League Baseball.

2018 –  Keith Berend, Chris Barnes, James Urbaniak, Partial reimbursement of educational costs of annual meeting.


In addition to direct support of these research Fellows, the Foundation underwrote partially the exhibit on Athletic Injuries, with a $1,000 grant in 1971.  

The 1973 Appeal, which was emphasized by Wayne Lee, resulted in contributions putting the net worth of the Foundation about $25,000. As of the present time, the net worth based on contributions from the Piedmont Orthopedic Society as a group and individual members of the Society to the Foundation has resulted in a current balance of approximately one million dollars. This assures reasonable annual grants for energetic Residents working on research projects. 

The primary purpose of the Piedmont Orthopedic Foundation was to further the cause of Duke Resident activities in Orthopedic Research. The effort has been successful and continued support by the members of the Piedmont Orthopedic Society will assure Residents in the future that their inquisitiveness and their willingness to participate in Orthopedic Research will be encouraged.  

The Foundation has also assisted in underwriting exhibits shown at several meetings throughout the Country and prepared primarily for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons annual meeting. The exhibits were isolated fracture of the distal radius (Piedmont fracture) directed by Jack Hughston, M.D.; femoral shortening directed by Leslie Meyer, M.D.; athletic injuries-upper and lower extremities directed by John Dobson and Frank Bassett.  

The Foundation provides funds from which capable Residents, who are eventually to become members of the Piedmont Orthopedic Foundation and Piedmont Orthopedic Society, are able to initiate clinical and laboratory studies that may eventually lead to a significant contribution to patient care and development of information useful for both clinical and laboratory research. Members are encouraged to generously support this Foundation, which reflects one aspect of their training and which allows them a way of repaying the Organization for the training that they received in the past.  

The source of your primary Orthopedic education deserves continued support and encouragement. The Piedmont Orthopedic Foundation and its activities need the help of all members.

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